Swing Speed Masterclass

The Swing Speed Masterclass

Drive the ball longer than ever before.

How Every Golfer Can Drive The Ball Longer

Want a tee shot you can rely on to crush your driver straight down the fairway?

Join us for a masterclass on the driver.

If you are not getting longer off the tee as you get older... you will only get shorter...

  • Copy my proven blueprint to add MASSIVE club-head speed for any golfer at any age - even if you are over 75 years old!
  • Discover the 2 Simple Power Posture Adjustments which instantly increase your speed by leveraging your specific body type.
  • Learn the 4 Power Moves that separate the longest drivers on the PGA Tour. Each "Power Move" can individually add 5-10 yards to your tee shots!
  • Learn the simple set up adjustments that help you hit any tee shot on demand... "The Power Fade," "High Bomb Draw," or "Low Bullet Stinger Wind Beater" and control your ball flight to find the fairway!
  • Unlock your Downswing Power Sequence to bomb your driver longer without compromising accuracy!
  • ...and much more!

Ready To Hit The Ball Farther Than You Ever Thought You Could?

Get ready to learn the setup secrets to hitting The Power Fade...

The High-Bomb Draw...

AND The Low Bullet Stinger Driver which will absolutely stun your golfing buddies! 

I'm about to show you how to turn on the ‘fast twitch’ muscles which will give you explosive speed which will give you PW/9 iron into greens vs. 6/7 iron for more birdie opportunities!


Video Program


  • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Power Posture 1: Big Leg Muscles vs. Small Leg Muscles
  • Power Posture 2: Fast Twitch Muscles vs. Slow Muscles
  • Power Move 1: The Power Takeaway
  • Power Move 2: The Pressure Shift
  • Power Move 3: Creating Width
  • Power Move 4: How To Load Your Trail Arm
  • Downswing Power Sequence
  • Ball-Striking: The High-Bomb Draw, The Power Fade, The Stinger
  • Fault/Fix: Early Extension, Slicing, Reverse Pivoting



  • Short Game Seminar
  • Bunker Crash Course

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan is a leader in golf bio-mechanics and discovered the optimal way to swing based on different body types... 

His research is validated by top doctors at The Mayo Clinic; he has transformed Multiple Major Champions and many of the best players on The PGA Tour, as well as thousands of golfers through his online programs. 

The players on tour he has been seen coaching: Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy, Rod Spittle, Rob Oppenheim, Annie Park, Val Skinner, and dozens more...



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