The Perfect Golf Swing + Shotmaking

The Perfect Golf Swing

The Secret To Great Golf Is Locked In Your Anatomy...

Cure your slice. Stop your hook. Gain massive distance. Make consistent contact.

This Step-By Step Blueprint Will Help You Develop A Perfect Golf Swing As Quickly As Humanly Possible.

Join the thousands of students who are now playing the best golf of their lives. Developed with top doctors at The Mayo Clinic as the single most effective way to learn how to play golf!

Hi, my name is Eric Kaplan and I was recently featured on The Golf Channel with my student Bernhard Langer... After we discussed the changes we made to his game, and how it made him more consistent than everyone else... Dave Marr III called me: "The Michelangelo Of Golf Instructors"... but why?

The World's Best Players Trust AXYSGolf

Because it works.

Some people think that Michelangelo took some marble and carved David... But Michelangelo believed he took a piece of marble and got rid of everything that wasn't David... 

How would you like to learn how to remove everything unnecessary from your swing until all you are left with is a much more consistent, repeatable, powerful, and timeless action?

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Recent Reviews

5 Stars!

From candido deborja jr

Thank you for these instructions. It changed my game completely and I am enjoying It tremendously. The technique is easy to remember and better.


From marie wall

This course has brought my game to a whole new level ... every area of my game! Thanks

The Swing To Come

From Keith Hollis

Outstanding instruction Eric !!


From Chuck Stauffer

Working hard on set up unsure at times if doing it correctly. Hitting ball with greater direction and consistency.

Detailed and Works

From Douglas Quagliaroli

Have taken many lessons and watched hundreds of training DVD”s. The AXYS SERIES by far is the most detailed, effectively communicated and essential training series I have ever purchased. Have w...

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The Setup


  • The Setup - Part 1 FREE PREVIEW
  • The Setup - Part 2 FREE PREVIEW
  • Foot Flare FREE PREVIEW
  • Neutral Spine FREE PREVIEW
  • Weight Distribution
  • Primary Tilt
  • Ball Position
  • Core Engagement
  • Secondary Tilt
  • The Grip
  • Alignment
  • Putting It All Together

The Takeaway


  • Secret Move Of Rotation
  • Weight Shift
  • Putting It All Together
  • The Truth About Tempo
  • How Posture Affects The Takeaway

Completing The Backswing


  • Shoulder Elevation
  • Trail Arm Flexion
  • Putting It Together
  • Arm Position At The Top
  • What The Hands Actually Do
  • The Truth About Plane

Transition / Downswing


  • The Downswing Sequence
  • The Truth About Lag

Impact / Finish


  • Club Face Stability and Impact Position
  • Laws Of Compression
  • Putting It All Together

Specialty Shots


  • Partial Wedges
  • Knock Downs
  • In Between Clubs
  • Fairway Bunker
  • The Stinger

Lies / Conditions


  • The Uphill Lie
  • The Downhill Lie
  • Ball Above Your Feet
  • Ball Below Your Feet
  • Ball Of Hardpan
  • Ball In Deep Rough
  • Flyer Lies

Working The Ball


  • Old vs. New Ball Flight Laws
  • Fading The Ball
  • The Draw
  • Higher Trajectory Shots
  • Lower Trajectory Shots

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan is a leader in golf bio-mechanics and discovered the optimal way to swing based on different body types... 

His research is validated by top doctors at The Mayo Clinic; he has transformed Multiple Major Champions and many of the best players on The PGA Tour, as well as thousands of golfers through his online programs. 

The players on tour he has been seen coaching: Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy, Rod Spittle, Rob Oppenheim, Annie Park, Val Skinner, and dozens more...


Add Consistency By Reducing The Unnecessary Moving Parts To Your Swing...

Add Massive Distance Without Swinging Harder By Unlocking More Powerful Muscles...

Learn How To Cure Every Swing Flaw - Overnight - By Adding The Proper Fundamentals

Master Your Control Of Ball-Flight!

Prevent Injury And Reduce Pain, Add Life To Your Golfing Years!


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