The Pain Free Protocol

The Pain Free Protocol

Golf shouldn't hurt.

Frustrated that pain is keeping you off the golf course?

Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Discomfort, Sore Elbow, Bad Ankle, Knee, Hip, or Neck Pain... GONE

Learn from top doctors in the country specific rehab exercises to help treat the most common golf injuries - and also secrets I teach Top Tour Players who to avoid pain in their golf swing!

I teach this seminar to PGA Teaching Professionals to ensure the lessons they are teaching are not setting their students up to get injured.




  • The Three Exercises
  • Stabilizing Common Golf Injuries

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

"My goal as an instructor is to change lives and to give something back to and through a game that has given so much to me."

Eric Kaplan is the founder of AXYS Golf - the ideal way to golf as validated by top doctors and biomechanics experts from The Mayo Clinic and trusted by Major Championship winners.


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