The 21 Day Swing Transformation Challenge

The 21-Day Swing Transformation Challenge

Cut your handicap in half in just 21 days.

What Is The 21-Day Swing Transformation Challenge?

Can you really cut your handicap in half in just 21 days?

Yes, you can. In fact, we guarantee it.

The 21-Day Swing Transformation Challenge is a 3-week structured video lesson program which will transform your entire game.

Each day you will unlock a new lesson with a drill to complete from the comfort of your own home/office/backyard which was developed with top doctors at The Mayo Clinic which is modeled after the fastest way your brain can re-learn new motors functions and re-wire these new skills.

Once you sign up you will be able to schedule your 1:1 personal call with Eric Kaplan, and also be able to send him videos of your swing for analysis and feedback.


I know it sounds crazy, but this program will cut your handicap in half...

There is ALWAYS a continuity of errors… 

Whether I am working with a top PGA Tour player, or a weekend amateur, the same fundamental flaws that are present in the putting stroke, will also be present in every other part of their game…

So why is that important? 

By identifying the root cause of a players issues, and holistically correcting it, a snowball effect will occur as it quickly transforms a players entire game vs. just band-aiding the symptoms…


Welcome to the course!

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Day 1: How To Hit More Greens By Consistently Compressing Yours Irons -


  • This is the one lesson that blows the minds of the top PGA Tour Players I work with… (it is also the first lesson I have to give every new student)

Day 2: How To Drive The Ball Longer By Leveraging Your Specific Body Type


  • The driver is a specialty club that requires a different setup to optimize launch conditions for more distance and accuracy…

Day 3: The Optimal Way To Start Your Takeaway


  • Stop trying to put the club in a position where the toe is pointing up when the club is parallel to the ground…

Day 4: Power Move #1 - Creating Width In Your Swing (this is what separates the short vs. long hitters on tour)


  • This is the one thing separates the shorter hitters vs. longer hitters on the PGA Tour… (how to generate power properly - without swaying)

Day 5: Power Move #2 - How To Use Your Elbows To Create Leverage


  • How to create a backswing like Tiger Woods’

Day 6: Matching Your Grip To Your Swing


  • Stop listening to the pro who says to "show 2.5 knuckles because it is a ‘neutral’ grip"…

Day 7: How To Instantly Cure The Most Common Swing Faults! (never embarrass yourself again)


  • How to NEVER embarrass yourself on the course ever again…

Day 8: The Easiest Bunker Technique To Take The Same Amount Of Sand Everytime


  • Have you ever heard someone tell you to try to hit 2 inches of sand behind the ball by imagine a dollar bill…? STOP! This is only causing your hands to get overly acting (in the wrong way!)

Day 9: How To Hit Consistently Crisp Chips/Pitches


  • Tired of hitting fat/thin wedges around the green?

Day 10: Soft Sand vs. Firm Sand Bunker Setup Techniques


  • IF you have only one way to hit a bunker shot you may be really great from soft sand BUT poor from firm sand… discover why…

Day 11: Chipping and Pitching from Uphill, Downhill, Tight-Lies, Deep-Rough, Against-The-Grain


  • How to hit crisp wedges and get up and down from every lie around the green…
  • Uphill
  • Downhill
  • against the grain/wet lies
  • tight lies
  • deep rough

Day 12: Bunker Play Distance Control (5-35 yards)


  • The mark of any short game magician is being able to control distance from the bunker!

Day 13: Wedge Play Distance Control (10-50 yards)


  • How to get up and down from EVERY DISTANCE inside of 50 yards!

Day 14: Plugged Lies In The Sand (how to hit high/soft shots from the worst lies)


  • Discover why the last thing you want to do from plugged lies is address the ball with an open face…

Day 15: Fairway Bunkers - How To Hit The Green


  • Want more birdie opportunities from fairway bunkers?

Day 16: How To Hit Higher Iron Shots


  • Ben Hogan said that the mark of any players is the ability control ball-flight and trajectory… Discover the easiest way to master hitting the ball higher than ever!

Day 17: Tiger Woods Bullet Stinger (low launch + low spin)


  • If you only move the ball back in your stance to hit the ball lower, you will increase the angle of attack and cause the ball to spin more (which means no roll)… Discover the secrets of low launch + low spin for shots that run for miles!

Day 18: Partial Wedge Shots (40-80 yards, low launch + high spin)


  • Do you want to make more birdies on par 5’s when you hit your lay-up to 50-80 yards?

Day 19: The Power Fade Tee Shot (100% Fairway Finder)


  • How would you feel to step on the tee with a shot you can rely on to keep the ball in play and guarantees you will hit the fairway?

Day 20: Deep Rough/Into The Wind


  • Having difficulty hitting iron shots from deep rough?

Day 21: The One Swing Thought You Can Rely On Under Pressure


  • The best golf of your life.

About Your Coach

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan is a leader in golf bio-mechanics and discovered the optimal way to swing based on different body types... 

His research is validated by top doctors at The Mayo Clinic; he has transformed Multiple Major Champions and many of the best players on The PGA Tour, as well as thousands of golfers through his online programs. 

The players on tour he has been seen coaching: Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy, Rod Spittle, Rob Oppenheim, Annie Park, Val Skinner, and dozens more...


Week One: The Full Swing Transformation

Week Two: The Complete Short Game Arsenal

Week Three: Ball-Striking and Shotmaking


Eric Kaplan helped me immeasurably, imagine what he can do for you.
Bernhard Langer Two Time Masters Champion
I cannot believe I was able to actually talk to Eric Kaplan, he walked me through the drills I needed; I have never hit the ball better in my life.
Manuel Werson 18->10 Handicap
I have never seen a program make so much sense, and has transformed my game so quickly!
Melanie White 10->3 Handicap


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