Putting Mastery

Putting Mastery

Harness The Power Of Your Anatomy For Perfect Putting

Lock In Consistency

Are You Missing Putts You Know You Should Make?

Your anatomy holds the secret key to the best golf of your life.

Your body is an incredible machine... the product of millions of years of evolution. When you use your body correctly, you will be amazed at the level of play you are capable of. You CAN develop a world-class putting stroke in as little as a day...

But only if you know how to harness the power of your anatomy and eliminate all the unnecessary moving parts of your stroke.

"The Michelangelo Of Golf Instructors"

What did Dave Marr just call me?

There are two schools of thought regarding how Michelangelo carved David.  One says he took a piece of marble and carved David.  The other says Michelangelo took a piece of marble and removed everything that WASN'T David...

Let me show you how to remove everything unnecessary from your putting stroke, until all you are left with is the most optimal motion - the perfect putting stroke.


The Four Secret Body Locks


  • Body Lock #1 - The Grip FREE PREVIEW
  • Body Lock #2 - Connection FREE PREVIEW
  • Body Lock #3 - Engagement
  • Body Lock #4 Neutral Spine and Primary Tilt
  • Ball Position
  • Alignment
  • Putting It All Together
  • Bonus: Download the book!

The Stroke


  • A Centralized Rotation
  • Distance Control
  • Posture Dictates Path
  • Putting It All Together



  • Eyes Over The Ball
  • Forward Press
  • Straight Back And Straight Through
  • Keeping The Face Square To Target
  • The Tail Wags The Dog
  • Acceleration Through Impact

Green Reading


  • What Causes The Ball To Break
  • Fall Lines
  • Grain
  • Ideal Speed Of Entry

Specialty Shots


  • Putting From Off The Green

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan is a leader in golf bio-mechanics and discovered the optimal way to swing based on different body types... 

His research is validated by top doctors at The Mayo Clinic; he has transformed Multiple Major Champions and many of the best players on The PGA Tour, as well as thousands of golfers through his online programs. 

The players on tour he has been seen coaching: Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy, Rod Spittle, Rob Oppenheim, Annie Park, Val Skinner, and dozens more...





Distance Control

Green Reading


Specialty Shots


Eric Kaplan helped me immeasurably. Imagine what he can do to help you.
Bernhard Langer Two-Time Masters Champion
The Four Secret Body Locks Is Good Sh*t!
Bob Toski PGA Hall Of Fame Instructor
I don't always have putting lessons... when I do, I trust Eric Kaplan.
Miguel Angel Jimenez Ryder Cup Star / Most Interesting Man In Golf


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Putting Magic

From mithilesh patel

I bought this one today, best thing ever learn about putting. No PGA teacher showed such easy way to putt..Thank you so mcuh. I got this info on facebook and from there I went on to buy in few minu...

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This has made a new golfer out of me outstanding.

From Glenn Wood

Excellent Instruction

From Kyle Greear

This is one of the best if not the best courses on putting I have watched . Easy to understand , straight to the point and myself at 70 with tremors can use .

Putting Mastery

From Robert Buchanan

I think its fascinating, as Eric talks in my language logical. I believe I will try the irons course next as I need it. One note on the putting that was unclear to me is I would like to have seen ...

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improve putting

From Clark Fidler

Working on this method and seems it works. Very short putts are the ons giving me trouble. I have better luck using the claw for puts 3 ft or less.

Putting mastery

From John Faris

Excellent, a talented teacher covering everything in detail.


From Grayling Richard


Outstanding Information

From William Lee

As soon as I used key #3. Speed and direction fell into place. Finally putting instruction that makes sense. Highly recommend!,,,


From Noel Shaw Jr

Well thought out and very responsive to ergonomics and biophysics.

ianryoung@ talktalk.net


This is the most detailed putting course l have ever seen, and, each time l see it l latch on to some detail which l missed on the previous viewing.It shows the how, the why, and the science behind...

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Putting Mastery Course

From kim flynn

The course was well presented .The directions and instructions were clear and concise. Definitely helped my putting. Would highly recommend course to anyone that wants to improve their putting.

Really good

From John Ward

Did this last winter and practiced inside- Putted better all summer. Now did it again as a refresher and will practice again inside this winter. It really works.

Putting Mastery

From Don Belcher

Like that instructions are clear followed by good demonstration. There is no wasted time. The demonstrations are easily followed and the results are obvious as you practice.

Great Course

From Brad Gardner

Very good course, I rate it 5 stars.

So far...5 stars

From Jonathan Colbeck

Been through 33%, and it makes perfect sense as to why this will be a better form to utilize bettering the handicap with fewer putts! Thanks!! Finished this putting course. A lot of information tha...

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Can't wait for my league to start!

From William Swan

The course is really a game changer as far as putting is concerned. So logical yet most golfers do the opposite from what is taught here. Very exciting!

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Putting: The Four Secret Body Locks

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