You have been focusing on symptoms vs. fundamentals

The Swing Fundamental Pyramid will show you how to become your own coach, own your swing, and develop a blueprint you can rely on to hit solid shots for the rest of your life.

How many times has an instructor told you to STOP coming 'over the top' without telling you fundamentally why you have that tendency...

How many hours can you practice 'staying in posture' and keeping your 'butt on the line', only to come out of your shot on the first tee? 

Discover the reasons WHY you have these issues to begin with - and the fastest way to self correct the the most common swing faults... AND FINALLY TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR GAME.

Doesn't That Just Make Sense?

By learning how to prescribe the correct fundamental at the right time, we can quickly correct any issue.


There are no such things as swing faults... just missing fundamentals.

Over The Top: missing scapular engagement and secondary tilt, for as long as you just reach your right hand on the club, your right shoulder will protract - causing the alignment of your shoulder to be open, and turn on muscles that cause you to come over the top.

Early Extension: improperly centering your weight over the balls of your feet will force you to come out of your posture.

Become Your Own Coach In This Revolutionary Video Lesson Series

  • 2

    Primary Tilt

    • Stance Width, Weight Distribution, and Neutral Spine

  • 3

    Secondary Tilt

    • Scapular Engagement + Neutral Grip + Alignment

  • 4

    The Takeaway

    • Rotation + Pressure Shifts

  • 5

    Finishing Touches

    • Completing The Backswing: Elevation + Arm Flexion

    • The Downswing Power Sequence

About Your Instructor

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan is the founder of AXYS Golf - the ideal way to golf as validated by top doctors and biomechanics experts from The Mayo Clinic and trusted by Major Championship winners.