‘brain hacks’ that make the learning process happen 3x FASTER!

By combining VISUAL, AUDITORY, and FEEL based elements into every drill the desired swing changes happen CRAZY FAST!

Special Drills GUARANTEE Your Old Swing Faults NEVER Come Back!


  • 2

    CUE WORDS: Setup Elements

    • CUE WORD 1: Shrug/Depress + Abs Contract

    • *benefits of CUE WORD 1: Being In THE BOX*

    • CUE WORD 2: Neutral Joint Alignment

    • CUE WORD 3: Sway Forward/Sway Back

    • CUE WORD 4: Lean Inside Both Ankles (Neutral Ankle Alignment)

    • *benefits of CUE WORD 4: Neutral Ankle Alignment*

    • CUE WORD 5: Bend From The Hip + Bend From The Knee

    • *find your perfect degree of hip hinge*

    • RECAP: 3 Second Setup Recap

    • *distance from the ball*

    • *deliberate practice fundamentals*

  • 3

    CUE WORDS: Dynamic Elements

    • CUE WORD 6: Shift Right/Shift Left

    • *Shift Right/ Shift Left Drill*

    • *shift muscle sensation drill*

    • CUE WORD 7: Push vs. Pull

    • CUE WORD 8: Pull Of Shoulder (45 vs. 90 degrees)

    • CUE WORD 9: Downswing Hip Turn

    • CUE WORD 10: Arm Motion

    • The Grip: Squeezing The 'V's' Part 1

    • The Grip: Squeezing The 'V's' Part 2

    • *wrist action is a variable*

  • 4

    CUE WORDS: The Swing

    • Scapula Glide Takeaway

    • *sequencing shoulder turn + arm motion*

    • *sequencing rotation + arm motion + pressure shift*

    • *advanced technique to create seperation*

  • 5

    Strength Exercises For Backswing Move

    • Takeaway Strength Drill 1

    • Takeaway Strength Drill 2

    • Muscle Contraction Drill w/ Medicine Ball: (Rotation + Arm Motion)

  • 6


    • Downswing/Impact

    • *medicine ball gravity release drill*

    • *how the golf club releases*

    • *half swing downswing release drill*

  • 7

    Medicine Ball Drills

    • Medicine Ball Drills: Recommendations

    • Medicine Ball Drill: Upright Shoulder + Hip Turn

    • Medicine Ball Drill: Lower Body Rotation Drill

    • Medicine Ball Drill: Stacking All Skills In Golf Posture

About Your Instructor

Golf Digest's First Fitness Advisor, and Founder of The 'Anatomic Absolutes'. She has trained multiple major champions including: Tom Watson, Phil Mickelson, Stewart Cink, Brad Faxon, Justin Leonard, and dozens more!

Alison Thietje

Alison Thietje is the Founder of ‘The Anatomical Absolutes’ in the golf swing.She is a Neuroplastician (having developed specific drills which ‘trick’ the brain and decrease the time it takes to relearn a new motor pattern).Alison was Golf Digest’s First Fitness Advisor (having managed the first PT Company to travel with The PGA Tour in 1996). Her clients included: Tom Watson, Justin Leonard, Brad Faxon, Stewart Cink, and Phil Mickelson, and more!

Three Layers Of Learning

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  • Visual Learning: 3D Model of Golf Swing Anatomical Functions

  • Feel Learning: Muscle Contraction Training, Contrast Training, and Medicine Ball Ball Drills To Imbed The 'Feels'

  • Auditory Learning: Cue Words To Activate Neurons

Major Champion Testimonials

'97 British Open

Justin Leonard

Alison has spent years researching the body mechanics of the golf swing and how that relates to physical fitness.

8-Time Major Winner (5x British Open, 2x Masters, US Open)

Tom Watson

Alison’s approach to training, if done on a regular basis, will undoubtedly improve any golfer’s ability to swing the club with more power and in better balance.

2009, British Open Champion

Stewart Cink

As a professional golfer, being in good “golf” shape while remaining injury free are key to being able to compete with confidence. Alison Thietje is dedicated to doing just that and the results show.