Living In The Zone

Living In The Zone

How To Get In The Zone and Stay There

Master Your Mental Game

Peace and Confidence On The Course

Take a breath. This is going to be fun.

Golf can be one of the most fun and peaceful sports.  If you find yourself frustrated, cursing when you mess up, and unable to fully enjoy yourself while playing, then you need this course.


Access Powerful Flow States

Get In The Zone

It may sound silly, but I actually studied with Zen monks and doctors to develop a powerful method to reliably center yourself for high performance on the golf course.  You don't have to believe in "airy fairy, woo woo" anything to take advantage of these proven techniques to access deeper focus and peace of mind on the golf course.

This program will help you develop mental mastery on and off the golf course.  Discover the joy of true mindfulness and how it can benefit your game and the rest of your life!


Living In The Zone


  • The Physiology Behind Higher States of Consciousness
  • The Mental Game

Mental Game Mastery


  • Breathing Exercises
  • How Long an Actual Round of Golf Takes
  • How the Brain Learns
  • Imagine Something You Want to Do Tomorrow
  • Learning a New Skill
  • Long-side vs Short-side Approach, When to Go for Pins
  • Mental Overview
  • Tournament Strategies 101
  • What is a Golf Shot Worth?

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

"My goal as an instructor is to change lives and to give something back to and through a game that has given so much to me."

Eric Kaplan is the founder of AXYS Golf - the ideal way to golf as validated by top doctors and biomechanics experts from The Mayo Clinic and trusted by Major Championship winners.


Rope Management

Cleaning Equipment

Common Mistakes

The Best Ways to Start

Emergency Procedures

How to Climb


This was the best course I've ever taken in my entire life.
Cathy Wilson CEO @ MFC
This is the only resource to level up my climbing game!
Manuel Werson NYT Bestselling Author
If you need a challenge, this is the course for you!
Sidra Bathar Classy Dame


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New Mindset

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