Discover The Green Reading Secrets Of The Pros

Your stroke is half the battle.

Every golf course is different.  Every hole is different.  The one thing that never changes is physics.  Join Eric Kaplan as he covers the ins and outs of green reading so you can step up to any putt with confidence.


About Your Instructor

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan is the founder of AXYS Golf - the ideal way to golf as validated by top doctors and biomechanics experts from The Mayo Clinic and trusted by Major Championship winners.


Discover the 'order of green-reading operations' I teach PGA Tour caddies!

  • How Much Break To Play

  • Understanding Grain

  • How To Determine The Ideal Speed Of Entry

  • What To Do With The Flagstick

  • The Sequence And Syntax Of Green Reading

  • And MORE!

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