• 2

    Day 2: Breathing To Unlock Natural Rotation

    • Introduction: Breathing To Unlock Natural Rotation

    • Breathing Techniques For Rotation: DRILLS

    • 3 Major Ingredients To A Powerful Swing

  • 3

    Day 3: Breathing To Stay In Posture

    • Introduction: Breathing To Stay In Posture

    • Breathing Techniques To Stay In Posture: DRILLS

    • Breathing Techniques To Create Power Without Losing Control

  • 4

    Day 4: How Your Breathing Helps You Learn FASTER!

    • Introduction: How These Breathing Techniques Help The Brain Learn Faster

    • Breathing Techniques To Rewire Your Swing Faults: DRILLS

    • Tiger Woods' Comparison - How His Swing (and breathing) Has Changed Over The Years.

  • 5

    Day 5: Breathing To Enable Natural Pressure Shifts

    • This Breathing Technique Enables A Natural Pressure Shift

    • How Your Breathing Creates Your Weight Shift: DRILLS

    • Justin Thomas: A Deep Dive Into The *Negative* Effects Of Creating Vertical Force From The Wrong Place

  • 6

    Day 6: Breathing For Impact Stability and Control

    • Introduction: How Your Breathing Can Keep The Club-face Squarer - Longer

    • Breathing For A Square Club-face: DRILLS

    • How Dustin Johnson Engages His Left Ab Wall For Club-Face Control

  • 7

    Day 7: Breathing Technique To Instantly Increase Club-head Speed (regardless of age)

    • Breathing For Power And Control

    • How To Apply This Breathing Into Your Swing

    • Why Is Bryson DeChambeau SO LONG? (How Learning This Breathing Technique Will Instantly Increase Your Clubhead Speed By 6-7MPH)