Chipping and Pitching

Chipping and Pitching

Not Getting Up-And-Down As Often As You Like?

...then you probably don't know these posture secrets!

If you think the only difference between Chipping and Pitching is: Distance, Trajectory, and Spin... You are only focusing on the symptoms of ball-flight vs. how the body is moving differently to create these two shots! OR: If you think that the difference is you add wrist hinge to a Pitch - You are adding an extra variable you must time correctly - and if you don’t, it can cause fat/thin shots!

In Your Chipping And Pitching Course You Will Learn:

  • Copy The Setup Secret That Ensures Crisp Contact For EVERY Shot Around The Green!
  • The Simple Biomechanical differences between Chipping and Pitching...
  • Learn to calibrate distance for all short game shots!
  • How to hit chip shots against the grain!
  • Learn to control trajectory and spin for all short game shots!
  • Master hitting shots from all lies; above/below/sidehill with ease! 
  • Hit 'controlled' sky-high flop shots
  • Learn how to manage soft shots from deep rough...

Do you think the only way to hit a flop shot is to open the face and quickly set the wrists?

Watch this video for a simple setup secret to master your control of trajectory, spin, angle of attack, and bounce!

The path to becoming a short game expert has never been easier! Copy the EXACT secrets I use to sharpen the short games of the best players in the world! 


The Setup


  • Proper Posture For Chipping/Pitching FREE PREVIEW
  • Common Mistakes FREE PREVIEW

The Backswing


  • Central Rotation
  • What do the hands do?
  • Common Errors

The Downswing


  • The Difference Between Chipping and Pitching
  • Common Errors

Distance Calibration


  • Restriction Point Technique
  • Changing Clubs
  • Choking Down

Spin and Trajectory Control


  • Trajectory Control
  • Spin Control

Lies and Conditions


  • The Uphill Lie
  • The Downhill Lie
  • Ball Above Your Feet
  • Ball Below Your Feet
  • Tight Lies
  • Against The Grain

Specialty Shots


  • The Bump And Run
  • The Flop Shot

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

Top PGA Tour Coach

Eric Kaplan is a leader in golf bio-mechanics and discovered the optimal way to swing based on different body types... 

His research is validated by top doctors at The Mayo Clinic; he has transformed Multiple Major Champions and many of the best players on The PGA Tour, as well as thousands of golfers through his online programs. 

The players on tour he has been seen coaching: Bernhard Langer, Miguel Angel Jimenez, Patrick Reed, Rory McIlroy, Rod Spittle, Rob Oppenheim, Annie Park, Val Skinner, and dozens more...


The fundamental differences between Chipping and Pitching

Three ways to control your distance control around the green!

Common mistakes that cause fat and thin shots!

How to master your control of trajectory and spin!

How to hit flop shots - and navigate deep rough!

How to handle grain around the green!


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Really good info

From Johnny Carruth

Lots of good information in this chapter with excellent instruction on how to make all kinds of shots. The restriction point technique is smart. I can't wait for warmer weather to go out and meas...

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5 Stars!

From candido deborja jr

Great teachings Needs to practice Very informative, innovative and right Recommending it to my friends

Chipping and Pitching

From John Faris

Another excellent video, detailed instruction covering multiple situations for chipping and pitching.

Chipping and pitching

From rich thomann

Need to revisit the course. Of all the courses this requires the most work! I have not mastered this quite yet!


From Grayling Richard


Very good!

From Jonathan Colbeck

This was a very good program. I enjoyed the fact of not having to change much of anything for consistent results! It has been eye opening to be able to use the same swing speed, and length of back ...

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After all these years...

From Phil Smelley

Very helpful. This is where I decided to start the course. Who knew that posture was the key to everything?

Handicap Coming Down

From Wiley McIlrath

This course has been excellent. When I miss a shot, instead of guessing, I just go through my set up routine. I am now calibrating my distances and expect good results.

another great program!


Eric, I have worked with a number of great teachers, including Leadbetter (1985-1991), Simon Holmes, Mitchell Spearman, the late Paul Runayan, Mike Bender, Mel Sole, and my friend Martin Sludds, w...

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From Douglas Quagliaroli

Was practicing my chipping using the AXYS TRAINING information and was amazed at how accurate I was during the session.

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