"The Most Comprehensive Online Golf Academy." [at-home drills designed to help you break 90]

Your program is 100% FREE and will include lessons from Major Champions, PGA Tour Coaches, Top Doctors, and Swing-Speed Specialists!

YOUR 7-DAY PROGRAM INCLUDES: structured drills to override your specific swing-faults, blueprints to develop a stock-shot you can rely on based on your tendencies, exercises to stabilize the common golfer 'weak-zones,' breathing techniques used by Bryson DeChambeau to add massive distance, short game lessons, AND MORE!

P.S. Once you complete your [LEVEL 1] 'BACK TO BASICS' Ball-Striking Blueprint, we recommend you dive-deeper into our [LEVEL 2] 'ADVANCED 7-DAY SWING-SPEED' Program.

"Eric Kaplan is one of the brightest instructors in the industry...

... he has been traveling and teaching special golf schools that are transforming the game for the members of the most exclusive private clubs in the country."

- BOB FORD, Head Golf Professional; Seminole Golf Club, Oakmont Country Club

Eric Kaplan was recently spotted working with Rory McIlroy.

"Eric Kaplan transformed my entire game...

just imagine how he will transform yours."

- BERNHARD LANGER, 2x Masters Champion

"Eric Kaplan's putting book is the most complete examination of the putting stroke I have ever seen...

I read the entire book walking 18 holes at The Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill!"

- SEAN FOLEY, Top PGA Tour Coach

"I don't normally take lessons...

but when I do I trust Eric Kaplan."

- MIGUEL ANGEL JIMENEZ, British Open Champion

A FREE CUSTOMIZED Online Golf Academy Experience!

For the next 7 days you will receive a new lesson in your student portal based on you EXACT swing faults and skill level!

What You Will Learn:

  • 1

    DAY 1: Your Optimal Golf Setup (based on your body-type)

    • START HERE! Meet your coach: Eric Kaplan + Bernhard Langer's posture changes [DRILL#A00]

    • [Level 1] Your 3 Setup Errors [DRILL#A002]

    • [LEVEL 2] Zoom Lesson Student Case Study (17 Handicap) with Eric Kaplan [DRILL#A323] The Secret Downswing Move

    • [LEVEL 2] Your ADVANCED Posture Lesson with Eric Kaplan [DRILL#A072] Optimal Spine Angles For Different Clubs + Where Yours Arms Hang + Distance From Ball) Drill

    • [LEVEL 2] Indoor Putting Lesson with Eric Kaplan [DRILL#A53] Make Short Putts Automatic!

    • [LEVEL 2]: *TOUR PLAYER REVIEW* How Bryson DeChambeau's breathing techniques make him longer!

    • [LEVEL 2] Part 1: BRYSON DECHAMBEAU'S SWING-SPEED BREATHING TECHNIQUES with Casey Cox, 2X PGA Teacher of the Year. [DRILL#A342] How Your Breathing Impacts Swing Speed

    • [LEVEL 2] Part 2: BRYSON DECHAMBEAU'S SWING-SPEED BREATHING TECHNIQUES with Casey Cox, 2X PGA Teacher of the Year. [DRILL#A343] Breath In vs. Breath Out?

    • [LEVEL 2] Your Low Back Stability Program with Dr. Sandra Doman [DRILL#A23] Introductions

    • [LEVEL 2] Anti-Sciatica Exercise with Dr. Sandra Doman [DRILL#A33]

    • Day 1: Quiz

  • 2

    DAY 2: The Anti-Slice Setup AND How To Control Trajectory & Ball-Flight

    • [Level 1] The Basic Driver Setup To Maximize Distance and Reduce Spin/Slice (DRILL#B012)

    • [LEVEL 2] ADVANCED: Matching Your Grip To Your Swing + How To Control Trajectory and Shot Shape with Eric Kaplan (Drill#B043)

    • FREE BONUS: 3-Minute Putting Crash Course

    • [LEVEL 2] Indoor Putting Distance Control Drills: Mastering Distance Control On Different Green Speeds with Eric Kaplan [DRILL#B53] The Anti 3-Putt Drill

    • [LEVEL 2]: *TOUR PLAYER REVIEW* - 3 Major Ingredients To A Powerful Swing

    • [LEVEL 2] Part 1: BRYSON DECHAMBEAU'S SPEED-BREATHING TECHNIQUES Unlock MASSIVE Rotation with Casey Cox, 2x PGA Teacher of the Year (DRILL#B092)

    • [LEVEL 2] Part 2: BRYSON DECHAMBEAU'S SPEED-BREATHING TECHNIQUES Unlock MASSIVE Rotation with Casey Cox, 2x PGA Teacher of the Year (DRILL#B093)

    • [LEVEL 2] Anti-Sciatica Exercise with Dr. Sandra Doman [DRILL#A23] Stabilize The Common Golfer Weak Zones

    • [LEVEL 2] Zoom Lesson Student [+3 Handicap] Case Study with Eric Kaplan [DRILL#B423] Advanced Weight Shift Technique INSTANTLY ADDS 10 YARDS TO HIS 7 IRON

    • Day 2: Quiz

  • 3

    DAY 3: A Optimal Move To Start Your Swing (The Scapula Glide Takeaway Technique)

    • DAY 3: LESSON - Your Optimal Takeaway ( 2-inch Scapula Glide vs. MAX Coil Technique)

    • AXYSGOLF IN THE NEWS! Our Parkinson's Disease Passion Project (an nod to Eric Kaplan's father)

    • Day 3: Quiz

  • 4

    DAY 4: Load Your Legs For Instant Speed (Pressure Shifting vs. Weight Shifting)

    • DAY 4: LESSON - Your Power Formula [Pressure Shift vs. MAX Weight Shift]

    • DAY 4: *TOUR PLAYER REVIEW* - Tiger Woods' Comparison - How His Swing (and breathing) Has Changed Over The Years.

    • Day 4: Quiz

  • 5

    DAY 5: Creating 'Width' Without Swaying

    • DAY 5: LESSON - Maximize Your Swing Leverage (Should You RAISE or ROLL Your Arms For Speed?)

    • DAY 5: *TOUR PLAYER REVIEW* - Justin Thomas: A Deep Dive Into The *Negative* Effects Of Creating Vertical Force From The Wrong Place

    • Day 5: Quiz

  • 6

    DAY 6: The 'Slingshot' Muscles

    • DAY 6: LESSON - The Perfect Top Of Backswing Position

    • Day 6: Quiz

  • 7

    DAY 7: The Downswing Power Sequence (Optimizing Your Transfer Of Energy)

    • DAY 7: LESSON - The Downswing

    • DAY 7: *TOUR PLAYER REVIEW* - Why Is Bryson DeChambeau SO LONG? (How Learning This Breathing Technique Will Instantly Increase Your Clubhead Speed By 6-7MPH)

    • Day 7: Quiz

  • 8

    Congrats On Graduating From Our AXYSGOLF Level 1 Program!

    • What's Next?