Beat The Bunker

Beat The Bunker

Sand Trap Schmand Trap

Beat The Bunker!

Did you know there are 4 different ways to setup to a bunker shot based on the lie, sand type, distance, desired spin, and trajectory?

If you setup to every bunker shot the same way - regardless of sand type and lie - you automatically have a disadvantage from the sand... which might even create the tendency to hit the ball thin and over the green!

In your Beat The Bunker Course you are going to learn how to:

  • Learn the FOUR different ways to utilize bounce and which are optimal from different sand types - SO YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE BUNKER EVERY TIME!
  • Learn how to control distance and spin from all sand typesΒ 
  • Learn the Secret Gary Player Plugged-Lie Bunker ShotΒ 
  • Learn Two Techniques for the Long Green-side Bunker Shot!

Watch This!

Gary Player's Million Dollar Plugged Lie Bunker Secret

Gary Player was playing a practice round at The Masters when he found himself in a situation where his ball had severely plugged into one of the powdery bunkers at Augusta National. While conventional instruction tells us to open the face and swing hard, Gary knew that opening the face just makes the bounce more exposed... which makes it very difficult to get the club to move through the sand and under a plugged ball!

Instead, Player closed the face substantially (which allowed the club to cut through the sand), lowered his hands, and addressed the ball off the hosel - and what happened next not only blew our minds - but took us a whole year to discover using high speed cameras!


The Setup


  • Primary Tilt FREE PREVIEW
  • Secondary Tilt and Bounce FREE PREVIEW

The Backswing


  • The Bunker Backswing

The Downswing


  • Lower Body Rotation and Release

Sand Types and Bounce


  • Soft Sand
  • Firm Sand

Distance Calibration


  • Club Selection
  • Product of Acceleration

Spin and Trajectory Control


  • Trajectory Control
  • Adding Spin

Lies and Conditions


  • Uphill Lies
  • Downhill Lies
  • Ball Above The Feet
  • Ball Below The Feet

Specialty Shots


  • Gary Player's Million Dollar Secret (Plugged Lies and Fried Eggs)
  • The Long Greenside Bunker Shot

About Your Instructor

Eric Kaplan

Eric Kaplan

"My goal as an instructor is to change lives and to give something back to and through a game that has given so much to me."

Eric Kaplan is the founder of AXYS Golf - the ideal way to golf as validated by top doctors and biomechanics experts from The Mayo Clinic and trusted by Major Championship winners.


Learn The Common Errors That Cause You To Leave The Ball In The Bunker - And Thin/Skull Shots Over The Green...

Learn The 4 Ways To Engage Bounce From The Bunker And When To Use Each Based On Lie And Sand Type!

Master Your Control Of Trajectory and Spin...

Two Different Ways To Control Distance From The Bunker...

Two Techniques For Long Green-side Bunker Shots!

Plugged Lies and Fried Eggs...


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Bunkers demystified

From Johnny Carruth

Great info with clear explanations on how to hit a wide variety of bunker shots. I love the Gary Player Million Dollar Shot video and can't wait to try it.

Beat tne bunker

From John Faris

Excellent video covered every kind of bunker or sand shot. Easy to understand what to do under different conditions.

Outstanding Bunker Play Demo

From Keith Hollis

I play single plane golf already, but until now I was not in the know of how to play a buried ball with a PW. I so appreciate this hinstruction.

Is very good thank you

From james Ellingwood

Bunker Play

From Mark Sussman



From Grayling Richard



From Chuck Stauffer

Excellent. Really been working hard on set up. very clear on what it looks like but unsure if I am doing it correctly. Hitting ball with greater consistency and direction.

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