AXYS Conditioning

AXYS Conditioning

Condition your body to play better, safer golf.

Feel Great. Play Great.

Let's whip you into shape to play at your potential.

This is AXYS Conditioning.

So much of what we teach at AXYS Golf is about how to prevent your body from getting in it's own way.  Over years of incorrect use of the body, many golfers have developed bad habits and are simply not strong in the areas that would benefit their game.

Well, it's time to turn that around.


The Doctor Is In

You only get one body. You simply cannot risk taking advice from those who aren't qualified to give it.  That's why we've asked Dr. Sandra Doman, a leader in sports medicine to put together this comprehensive program for our students.




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Conditioning Exercises


  • The Bridge
  • Body Links
  • Static Tilt
  • Conditioning X and Y Arms
  • Body Link Plan
  • Dynamic Primary Tilt Narrow Base
  • Glute Bridge Y and X Arms
  • Kneeling Primary Tilt - Static and Dynamic
  • Lateral Band Walks

Final Thoughts


  • Sandy closing

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